The Hollywood Forest Story in Ireland, Aotearoa New Zealand and in the Irish Times

My creative practice experience, developed over many years with The Hollywood Forest Story was featured recently in The Irish Times. My first hand experience in developing an effective eco-social (ecological) art practice is key to my ability to teach other creatives about ecoliteracy and the rewards of working in the art and ecology field.

The Hollywood Forest Story : An Eco-Social Art Practice | Co. Carlow Ireland

What is the purpose of art? We might put a potentially wise response to that question this way: Art has the same purpose all other activity has, namely to further the conditions of life, or to cultivate the whole of life onward. This cultivation of life is a “mental” process, and thus the world has always evolved on the basis of creativity, imagination, and poetic thinking. If an artist does not reflect carefully on this most basic purpose of art, and try to attune themselves to it, they will (almost inevitably, even if inadvertently) degrade the conditions of life, and conspire in the breakdown of ecologies near and far. We see just this kind of situation today. Artists cannot remain coherent, and thus art itself cannot remain coherent, without attunement to this basic purpose.

Nikos Patedakis, philosopher,, 2020 [1]

How much has changed collectively across the world in…

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