Haumea Ecoliteracy Online March course date announced with Awaken Hub

Haumea makes ecoliteracy accessible and transformative

Announcing the next 7 week Haumea Online Ecoliteracy course–starting 10 March 2021- BOOK NOW!

I’m also thrilled to have my Haumea Ecoliteracy Online endeavour featured this week by AwakenHub – the fabulously supportive new Irish-founders women-in-business network.

In just a few months, amidst this most challenging time, leading women entrepreneurs, Mary Carty, Mary McKenna, Clare McGee and Sinead Crowley have come together to cofound, promote and support 500+ women entrepreneurs and a vibrant start-up culture across the island of Ireland.

Why I’m part of AwakenHub 🙂

Haumea Ecoliteracy Online is a tiny micro-business that arose from my Creative Practice PhD. I had little access to business skills at art college (with I discussed last year for Our Thriving Tribe who are researching entrepreneurship in the creative sector). So I really appreciate AwakenHubs’ peer support, mentoring and real-world experience of incredible women sharing their business ideas and strategies in these very uncertain times. AwakenHub’s ethics and commitment are genuine in wanting to change the landscape for Irish/Irish connected women founders and to do so in a meaningful, open and dynamic way. Read more HERE

What is the Haumea Ecoliteracy Online course?

Haumea makes ecoliteracy accessible and transformative


To address the urgency and enormity of ecological/sustainability issues, Haumea Ecoliteracy ONLINE offers transformative courses to empower everyone to understand the new values we all need, in our careers and in our lives, to help build a better world.

Haumea Ecoliteracy Online has a focus on creativity, but it’s not just for artists. The course seeks to help artists in particular because of the central importance of the creative sector in shaping culture.

At Haumea Ecoliteracy Online our class size is small, 18 maximum participants for the best peer-learning experience. As a Creative, working in any creative field, you will become more confident in understanding the ecological challenges we face for your work and be better able to secure funding for ecosocial opportunities that are becoming central to the creative sector and broader society. As an Arts Professional of Entrepreneur, you can better identify ecosocial values, policy, strategy and programmes to align your work towards the wiser, more compassionate life-sustaining activities urgently needed for an ecological and more just era.

Places are already filling, so do contact me, if you are interested. As I shared with the AwakenHub community, Haumea Ecoliteracy Online has been designed for the creative sector, but a bespoke course could be organised with a more business focus too.

Read more about the course, FAQ and book HERE

See what others are saying about HAUMEA Ecoliteracy Online HERE

In its first year-2020, Haumea Ecoliteracy Online offered five popular ecoliteracy and ecophilosophy courses to:creative professionals from Ireland, England, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, the US, and China have taken our courses. Ecoliteracy is important for all creative fields: we have had visual artists, poets, writers, storytellers, body/dance artists, musicians, community artists, festival organisers, curators, MA and doctoral creative practice and humanities’ researchers join us. As you can imagine, this makes our courses very supportive and inspiring. Please contact me for more information.

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