Bealtaine and Banais Righi -the High King Speaks by Grace Wells

‘The Future Has An Ancient Heart’ – Carlo Levi

The start of Summer starts today on Bealtaine, May 1st in Ireland, and Scotland. Steeped in ancient pagan lore of myth and magic, and more recent traditions, this day between Spring and Summer promised better times ahead, and gave a sense of renewal for Ireland’s people through the centuries. It marked a time to plant and gather flowers… there was a deep connection to the land and seasonal festivals and rituals marked turning points in the year.

To all the followers of the Haumea’ ecoliteracy programme, I wish to share the beauty of this day to remind us of our connections to the wider community of life, that supports us all.

During the week, poet Grace Wells, who was my first poet-in-residence on the Haumea Online Ecoliteracy last year, sent me this sublimely wise and wonderful new ecovisual poem… it encompasses and and shines a light on ancient wisdom, that we need to regain, of how to live well with our places. It seems the perfect gift to share on this bright Bealtaine morning. Thank you so much Grace, for this truly beautiful, wise and timely reminder of what is most important.

‘Banais Righi – The High King Speaks’ a film poem by Grace Wells

See more of Grace’s wonderful and important ecovisual poems here – they are all truly nourishing for the soul and heart. Many of these poems will feature in Grace’s third collection of poems ‘Home‘, forthcoming in 2022.

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