Becoming a member of PLaCE International

I am delighted and honoured to have recently been nominated by Dr Iain Biggs (Bristol) and Prof. Mary Modeen (Dundee) to join the PLaCE International members network. My work is listed in the member’s directory here

If you have developed a creative practice that has evolved over time for a site, ecology, place and community, you may also wish to join.

If you are starting out and interested in ecosocial art practices, recent research and key people working in this way, the PLaCE network is also a fantastic resource as members are working from across the world and in diverse contexts.

Iain and Mary have also recently written the important book on ecosocial art practices: Routledge 2021  Creative Engagements with Ecologies of PlaceGeopoetics, Deep Mapping and Slow Residencies

PLaCE International is a research collective of creative, practice-led individuals who address issues of site, location, context and environment at the intersection of many disciplines and practices. PLaCE International is Co-Directed by Mary Modeen and Iain Biggs.

Since its inception, PLaCE International has been committed to investigating, re-imagining, and re-invigorating the following areas of concern:

·       curating in and out of place;

·       site-specificity and situated practices;

·       creative intersections with urban and rural geographies;

·       interdisciplinary approaches to renewal and the environment generally;

·       and the intersections of memory, place, and identity –

through research projects, creative programmes, community projects, education, activities, conferences, collaboration and international partnerships.

PLaCE International pursues this mission in the context of the continual redrawing of boundaries – between art, design practices, socially-engaged research projects, their theorization, and congruent disciplines and practices. It recognizes the centrality of environmental issues and sustainability to art, media and design education – seen as a vital interface between individuals, society and the world as environment – by working collaboratively and by feeding research back into education, scholarship, and local areas.

If you are interested in joining PLaCE International, please fill out the contact form here to be considered for membership. 

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