Gathering on Mt Leinster shines lights for Global Day of Action for System Change, not Climate Change

Organised by ecoartist-educator Cathy Fitzgerald and sculptor husband Martin Lyttle, the group came together to shine their lights out in solidarity with youth, Indigenous front-line and other social justice activists who marched yesterday across the world demanding concrete political action to urgently end fossil fuel dependence and environmental degradation.

On Sat 6 November, a crowd of 30 people from across Carlow and beyond braved the cold and armed with torches followed artist-musician Tom Duffy with his drum – covered in blue disco lights – up Slieve Bawn on Mount Leinster. Forming a shining circle with their torches, the group gathered for a few minutes of reflection led by Carlow-based artist Paola Catizone as part of the official COP26 Coalition #GlobalDayofAction.

While cloudy earlier, the wind stilled and Jupiter and the lights of Carlow were visible for a magical and moving experience.

The COP 26 Coalition Global Day of Action is an international movement raising awareness that political inaction inflicts misery on poorer nations, confirmed widespread youth anxiety and is threatening all our futures:

‘The transformative solutions that we need to survive and build a more just and fair world can only be brought about through collective action, solidarity and coordination, from our local communities and international levels. We are bringing together movements from across the world to build power for system change, not climate change –  indigenous movements, frontline communities, trade unions, racial justice groups, youth strikers, land workers, peasants, NGOs, grassroots community campaigns, feminist movements, faith groups.’

Cathy Fitzgerald, Founder-Director of Haumea Ecoversity wishes to thank creative learners from the Haumea Ecoversity, the County Carlow Environmental Network, the Carlow-Kilkenny Green Party and others who advertised and enthusiastically participated in this gathering. Cathy also thanks Elizabeth Lee of the Carlow Nationalist newspaper that shared this story.

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