New Book reflects why the Earth Charter has a central role for sustainability education

A landmark collection of key essays-offering reflections from the world’s leading educators most experienced with the Earth Charters key role for sustainability learning and values education.

As the Earth Charter is the twice UNESCO-endorsed systems learning framework to cultivate a sustainability / ecological systems literate ethos for all citizens to engage with the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, this book offers much vision and concrete experience of why the Earth Charter is gaining momentum to reimagine education in holistic and inclusive ways.

While this book offers recent academic education research it is an accessible and inspiring book on the many diverse aspects of today’s education landscape, that I recommend for adult learners in all fields: arts, cultural policy, business, education, law, peace and reconciliation, science, for faith leaders and for those involved in converging global citizenship education and last but not least, politicians who need to catch up to the systems literacy many youth already understand.

The 4 Pillars and 16 key principles of the peoples’ Earth Charter (2000)

I’m delighted to see it available in an eBook form too on Amazon- many of the contributors have also recently been guests on the excellent Earth Charter Podcast series hosted by Mirian Vilela, which I also highly recommend. Being able to hear the voices of those who have long applied the Earth Charter vision and inclusive wisdom builds a deep appreciation of the many years’ efforts to shift global education toward new aims for personal-collective-planetary wellbeing.

Particularly heartening is the research from 2015 onwards shared by Dr Alicia Jiménez on the soon to be launched global Earth Charter School Seal initiative which will undoubtedly increase support for the Earth Charter International Secretariat in its work to launch the global Earth Charter Index in 2022, to help all countries measure and more easily communicate their efforts for planetary wellbeing to their nations.

I’m very thankful for the generous and wise contributions from all those involved in this important publication.

Please do feel free to comment and share news of this important book. Our next Earth Charter course begins 5 January 2022, details below.

Hello! Kia Ora! My name is Cathy Fitzgerald, and I’m an Irish-based New Zealander living in rural Ireland these past 20 years.

“In these urgent times, I’m passionate about bringing ecoliteracy including new ecological thinking, ethos, language and head-heart-body practices in an empowering transformative learning approach to the creative and wider cultural sector. Creative and cultural sector workers have a crucial leadership role if informed and supported. They can employ their social inclusivity skill and engaging creativity to inspire diverse communities to envision and embrace new understandings, values and actions for a more beautiful and just world.

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Dr Cathy Fitzgerald, PhD: ecosocial (ecological) artist |
ESD Earth Charter educator | researcher

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