Cathy Fitzgerald’s ‘Hollywood Forest Story’ showcased in international Library of Creative Sustainability

‘When a system is far from equilibrium, small islands of coherence have the capacity to shift the entire system’ –

Ilya Prigogine

I’m delighted to share that The Hollywood Forest Story, my ongoing creative ecosocial art practice, is now showcased in the online Creative Carbon Scotland Library of Creative Sustainability. My deep understanding that ecoliteracy and fluency in expansive ecosocial values for personal, collective and planetary wellbeing are urgently needed across the creative sector and education in general, grew from my firsthand creative practice and practice-led review of my ongoing Hollywood Forest ecological art practice and forest restoration/rewilding work, and others’ similar practices in my doctoral work.

Developing Haumea Ecoversity was thus forged by firsthand experiences of the challenges and possibilities that arise when we connect creativity and ecological understanding. Wiser, more compassionate, beautiful and life-sustaining creative endeavours result. Sometimes even the smallest of creative endeavours, guided by broader ecosocial values can help us see and act for a better world 🙂

And it is important international recognition too as Creative Carbon Scotland, through the Creative Scotland Arts Council has pioneered arts and sustainability initiatives since 2011. It supports the development of artistic practices in relation to sustainability and climate change through residencies, events and commissions, and supports cultural organisations through reporting, carbon reduction and communicating their green work with audiences and has successfully advocated for the role of the arts in the transition to a more sustainable society and embedding sustainable practices at a strategic level.

Ireland has just begun its journey to explore and support cultural sustainability programmes. So it’s an honour to have The Hollywood Forest Story that I began in 2008 tp be part of Creative Carbon Scotland’s extensive programme. Thanks to the team at Creative Carbon Scotland for inviting me to summarise The Hollywood Forest Story for their local and international audiences.


Hello! Kia Ora! My name is Cathy Fitzgerald, and I’m an Irish-based New Zealander living in rural Ireland these past 20 years.

“In these urgent times, I’m passionate about bringing ecoliteracy including new ecological thinking, ethos, language and head-heart-body practices in an empowering transformative learning approach to the creative and wider cultural sector. Creative and cultural sector workers have a crucial leadership role if informed and supported. They can employ their social inclusivity skill and engaging creativity to inspire diverse communities to envision and embrace new understandings, values and actions for a more beautiful and just world.

Haumea Ecoversity Courses: we offer small 20 max places for a transformative learning experience:

  • 7-weeks Essential Ecoliteracy
  • 6-weeks Vision & Values for a better world with the Earth Charter
  • 4-week workshop for new ecopedagogy book for educators, creative teachers, performers, with Haumea Ecoversity Co-Director and philosopher Dr Nikos Patedakis
Dr Cathy Fitzgerald, PhD: ecological artist |
ESD Earth Charter educator | researcher

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