New Year 2023: EARTH CHARTER vision and values for a better world course

7-Week Self-Paced Online Course from Haumea Ecoversity

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18 Jan. – 15 Mar. 2023

Cathy Fitzgerald and Nikos Patedakis - cohosts of the Haumea podcast on ecoliteracy and culture

Learn to communicate a life-promoting vision and values with Cathy Fitzgerald and philosopher Nikos Patedakis by exploring the accessible and holistic peoples and UNESCO-endorsed Earth Charter.

For all adults, for all areas of life – become fluent in communicating inclusive values for system change, for personal, collective, planetary and intergenerational wellbeing.

The Haumea Earth Charter course has had a marked, immediate impact on what and how I engage with others through my practice. Learning the guiding principles of The Earth Charter, acquiring the language to share them through discussion, dialogue, examples and research has had a profound change on how I view my practice and place within this living world. The philosophies of care and compassion that underpin the Earth Charter are beacons of hope and positivity in very challenging times.

Tom Duffy: socially-engaged artist, art facilitator, visual and percussive artist, Ireland

Values education is foundational for everyone, to guide our creativity, to live well with others and the wider community of life. Values education is essential for inclusive engagement to advance cultural activitis for an equitable, sustainable, just and peaceful world.


For your business, education or cultural organisation, faith community, local government or creative practice, The Earth Charter’s four pillars and 16 principles can help you more easily communicate universal shared values for sustainable, just living:– ecological integrity, social justice, equality and intergenerational sustainability for an enduring culture of peace for all. 

Through exploring the Earth Charter and the Childrens’ Little Earth Charter, become fluent in more expansive values and the shift globally toward Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

Values education is now seen as fundamental to guide: individuals’ creative work, teaching, curating; cultural institutions’ sustainability communications, programming or education outreach; to foster inclusive community dialogue for ecosystem restoration endeavours; and to deepen sustainability and social justice understanding for those working in science, law, industry, politics, faith communities or business.

Building on the popular ‘Values module’ of the Ecoliteracy course, learn with Cathy Fitzgerald and Nikos Patedakis about why the holistic values of the Earth Charter, advanced by peoples’ from diverse cultures from across Earth since 2000, is an inspiring ethical moral compass to guide and communicate our actions toward a thriving, more just and peaceful world.

We offer a fee scale to accommodate peoples’ situations.

If you are being sponsored for this course for Continuing Professional Development (CPD), the rate is our sustaining rate at €269. (You may wish to follow other learners who included this course fee in their funding applications to funding organisations). Like to pay in instalments, please contact Cathy to arrange this.

For underemployed, low-waged, this course is €189

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Hello! Kia Ora! My name
is Cathy Fitzgerald.
I’m a New
Zealander, living in rural
Ireland, the home of my ancestors, these past 25 years. Since 2019, I have offered ecoliteracy training to 250+ creative professionals in Ireland and internationally.

“In these urgent times, I’m passionate
about bringing ecoliteracy including
new ecological thinking, values,
language and head-heart-body
practices in empowering
transformative learning
to the creative and wider cultural
sector. Creative and cultural sector
professionals have a crucial
leadership role if informed and
supported. They can employ their
social inclusivity and creativity skills
to inspire diverse communities to
envision and embrace new
understandings, values and actions
for a more beautiful and just world.

Dr Cathy Fitzgerald, PhD:  ecological artist for the ongoing Hollywood Forest Story (begun 2008), | Accredited 
ESD Earth Charter educator | researcher | advisor & mentor. In 2022, Cathy was nominated as Earth Charter Focal Point Communicator by Earth Charter International.

Dr Cathy Fitzgerald

Ecological artist for the ongoing Hollywood Forest Story (begun 2008), Advisor for Creative Drummin Carlow Bog project, Accredited ESD* Earth Charter educator | researcher | advisor & mentor.

In 2022, Cathy was nominated by Earth Charter International, UNESCO Chair for ESD as Earth Charter Focal Point Communicator for Ireland.

*ESD is the UN-mandated shift in global formal and lifelong learning toward Education for Sustainable Development

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