Speaking of Which II – The Ecological Edition: Ireland-based eco artist interviews for youth and their teachers

In a time of global climate change, 12 artists based in Ireland reveal what inspires them and how they make their art in this video series designed for use in the classroom and for general viewing. This is Speaking of Which Series II – The Ecological Edition […] The video series is a starting point to mediate conversations with young people about their own creativity, ideas and inspirations, the videos may also be used as an inspiration for teachers and educators to devise workshops and other practical activities for their classes. 

The LAB Gallery in Dublin and The Dock Arts Centre in Carrick on Shannon 2022, curator Shannon Carroll

I have been thrilled and honoured to work with Dublin-based curator-in-residence Shannon Carroll over the last year for this rich new ecological artist interview resource for Irish teachers: Speaking of Which II- The Ecological Edition

Shannon has worked to develop an inspiring vision and great outcomes on such an important project. Shannon is also a past participant of our Haumea Essential Ecoliteracy course.

Thank you Shannon for your great professionalism and vision – it has been a pleasure to work with you and also see your career develop in such exciting ways.

In this second series of interviews inspired by the current climate crisis, the artists reveal their reasons for making art, describe the methods they use to make their work but most importantly reveal what it means to them to be an artist during this pressing time and how they transform their desire to create and communicate into the work they produce. The diversity of their individual backgrounds and experiences is reflected in the work each artist makes. They draw inspiration from many sources; the books they read as children, the places they grew up, the environments that they have visited, conversations they have had and their experiences studying art in school.

The artists are Mark Clare, Cathy Fitzgerald, Catherine McDonald, Rosie O’Reilly, Bassam Al-Sabah and Jennifer Mehigan, Claire Donohoe, Laura Fitzgerald, The Project Twins – James and Michael Fitzgerald, Maria McKinney and Vanya Lambrecht Ward.

The Lab Gallery Speaking of Which II website page

More details about the project and all the interviews can be viewed on The Lab Gallery Speaking of Which II website page

See also- www.dublincityartsoffice.ie
and www.thedock.ie
Also big thanks also to Video production team – www.pinklimestudios.ie
and The Arts Council of Ireland – www.artscouncil.ie

About curator Shannon Carroll

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Shannon Carroll is recipient of the 2021 ARC LAB Curatorial Scholarship. This opportunity involves working with The LAB Gallery Curator, Sheena Barrett, on gallery programming and curatorial strategies in addition to her self-directed MA research. She is currently developing a curatorial project, Molecular Revolutions, to be presented at The LAB Gallery in March 2023.

As part of her scholarship role, Shannon worked as coordinator of the video interview series, Speaking of Which, Series II – The Ecological Edition, a project produced in collaboration between the LAB Gallery and The Dock Arts Centre. This is the second series in a set of interviews where artists explain what inspires them and how they make their art. In light of global climate changes and the current ecological crisis, twelve artists were chosen based on ecological concerns within their practices.

Shannon composed questions for the artists that explore their reasons for making art, the methods they use and most importantly, what it means to them to be an artist during this time of crisis. 

Hello! Kia Ora! My name
is Cathy Fitzgerald, and
I’m an Irish-based New
Zealander living in rural
Ireland these past 20 years.

“In these urgent times, I’m passionate
about bringing ecoliteracy including
new ecological thinking, values,
language and head-heart-body
practices in empowering
transformative learning
to the creative and wider cultural
sector. Creative and cultural sector
professionals have a crucial
leadership role if informed and
supported. They can employ their
social inclusivity and creativity skills
to inspire diverse communities to
envision and embrace new
understandings, values and actions
for a more beautiful and just world.

Dr Cathy Fitzgerald, PhD:  ecological artist for the ongoing Hollywood Forest Story (begun 2008), | Accredited 
ESD Earth Charter educator | researcher | advisor & mentor. In 2022, Cathy was nominated as Earth Charter Focal Point Communicator by Earth Charter International.

Dr Cathy Fitzgerald

Ecological artist for the ongoing Hollywood Forest Story (begun 2008), Advisor for Creative Drummin Carlow Bog project, Accredited ESD* Earth Charter educator | researcher | advisor & mentor.

In 2022, Cathy was nominated by Earth Charter International, UNESCO Chair for ESD as Earth Charter Focal Point Communicator for Ireland.

*ESD is the UN-mandated shift in global formal and lifelong learning toward Education for Sustainable Development

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