HAUMEA Ecoliteracy Essentials: CPD Workshop for arts organisation staff

Ecoliteracy Essentials: CPD Workshop for arts organisation staff

Fluency of key ecological concepts is becoming essential for art managers, art administrators and cultural policy writers

Full-day workshop for art organisation staff

Modules on ecophilosophy, psycho-social supports, navigating environmental science and ethics with ease, understanding Earth Charter, Rights for Nature and understanding how creativity has a critical role to inspire audiences and communities about the UN SDG’s and forthcoming UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-30)

Ecoliteracy is a priority for creative administrators and policy writers to write effective art programmes, to design calls for creative opportunities and develop cultural policy that avoids superficial engagement with environmental and sustainability concerns (green-washing of exhibitions, festivals etc).

Ecoliteracy contextualises and critically informs us of the limitations of ‘sustainability’, ‘sustainable development’, ‘resilience’ and other environmental concepts etc

Ecoliteracy informs those in the creative sector that promoting projects for just one symptom of the ecological emergency – ‘climate change’ or ‘biodiversity’, fails to acknowledge the URGENT SYSTEMIC predicament society is facing. Siloe-ing the emergency in this way reveals a lack of ecoliteracy. Such uniformed efforts do not signal to the cultural sector the paradigm shift in culture that is needed and how every aspect of how we live must change.

Informing staff, who design art programmes or who write cultural policy, with ecoliteracy can avoid wasting limited arts funding and resources.

Ecoliteracy helps us discuss the shift in the priorities of cultural work in these urgent times. The slow deep work of creatives becoming knowledgeable about the ecology of places, suggests a shift in support for creatives to live and work long-term within and for their home places and communities


“If life gifts you the opportunity to work with Cathy Fitzgerald, consider yourself lucky. If you are a policy-maker, please listen to her wise counsel. If you are considering signing up for one of her courses, do so post-haste. If you are a patron of the arts, get out your chequebook and put a lot of zeroes after that first positive integer.

Cathy is an incredible resource for art education institutes, art organizations and individual artists of all kinds. Go to Cathy to increase ecoliteracy (eco-wisdom, eco-cultural skill) and rejuvenate your own art practice or that of your students and/or community. Bringing ecology and art together is essential right now, and Cathy understands the social, political, scientific, philosophical, and creative challenges it presents.”

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