Haumea Ecoliteracy Essentials Workshop for Creatives

Half-day introductory talk or a Full-day of modules can be offered

Suitable for: adults, third-level art students, educators, curators, art researchers of all creative disciplines.

The information* in this course (an introduction to environmental philosophy, science, ethics and advances in the ecological art field) will be invaluable for creatives and educators to contextualise and communicate ecological ideas for:

  • creative practice, art teaching or curating
  • for thinking, designing effective creative projects or programmes
  • future funding applications

Cathy has taught undergraduate Art and Ecology programmes at the Burren College of Art, tutored MA and PhD art candidates, and has facilitated Art & Ecology sessions for the Cowhouse Studios, Co. Wexford. She has also provided lectures for Cork University and Dublin University of Technology third-level Landscape Architect students.


“It was a great pleasure to attend Cathy’s first ecoliteracy workshop. One of the most important aspects of the workshop for me was how it reflected the breadth and depth of Cathy’s understanding and passion for developing the interrelationship between art, ecology and sustainability. Cathy shared her knowledge of environmental thinkers and philosophers with such warmth, openness and generosity. She has truly opened up a new way of thinking about social practice for me, and she also introduced me to a host of thinkers whose work is exciting and challenging.

Cathy has an extraordinary mind which is deeply analytical and equally creative. Her training and love of science and research is matched by her creative socially engaged practice which brings science and art together in her unique way.
I would urge anyone with an interest in ecology, art and sustainability to take Cathy’s classes and workshops. Her willingness to share her work and nurture that of participants is evident in her warmth, sincerity and passion for her work. She is a phenomenal teacher with so much to share.”

Martina Hynan
PhD researcher, artist & activist
Centre for Irish Studies
NUI Galway

“I’ve known of Cathy’s practice for years and had been looking for a way to work with her for some time. Recently, we ran a residency called How to Flatten a Mountain and it was our good fortune that Cathy was able to run a day-long workshop with our resident artists. Cathy was a fantastic facilitator and the artists were drawn to her ideas. She spent the morning speaking about her project in Hollywood Forest and related ecological issues. In the afternoon she took us into our own forest and met with each participant individually. It was evident by the work produced that Cathy had a significant impact on many of the artists. Without hesitation, I would recommend Cathy and happily invite her back for future projects.”

Frank Abruzzese, Art Educator, Co-Manager, Cow House Studios, May 16, 2018, 2019. In 2020, Cathy continues as a client of Frank and Rosie O’Gorman.

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* While my background is in Visual Contemporary Art, ecoliteracy (ecological knowledge) is relevant to those in any creative discipline.

Please contact me for availability and rates.