Mentoring with Cathy Fitzgerald of Haumea Ecoversity

Ecological artist – educator – researcher and Founder-Director of Haumea Ecoversity, Dr Cathy Fitzgerald announces 1-to-1 Mentoring opportunities for mid-career creative and cultural professionals for all art fields, online or in-person, including art researchers and cultural policy-writers.

Shannon Carroll curates Returning to the Earth / Ag Filleadh ar an Talamh for the 2023 Kilkenny Arts Festival

Congratulations to past Haumea Ecoversity Ecoliteracy course participant curator Shannon Carroll for planning an important afternoon seminar Returning to the Earth / Ag Filleadh ar an Talamh at the 2023 Kilkenny Festival on why the Irish language is vital to help us live well with our ecologies.

Shannon is working for the ‘Kilkenny Arts Office and The Emerging Curator Development Programme as a part of the Kilkenny Arts Festival.

Using the UNESCO-endorsed Earth Charter with Irish transition-year (TY) students to spark awareness of holistic principles for sustainability

Recently, I offered external ecoliteracy expertise to review a new Irish Transition-year (TY) school-age group / place-based STEAM draft micro-module for 21st-century leadership, that features the Peoples’ and UNESCO-endorsed Earth Charter (2000) to teach teenagers about how principles guide our thinking and actions for sustainability.

Visualising our beautiful Earth emotions invites us to care and act for a better world – reflecting on Navine G. Dossos’ murals at IMMA

Launched over a month ago, in this post I reflect on the social power of visualising our ecological emotions through artist Navine G. Knossos’ Kind Words Can Never Die wall murals, now on display for all visitors to the courtyard of the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) for several years. This vibrant, vitalising colourfield behind the colonnade of IMMA’s courtyard also encircled and energised many of the events for IMMA’s inaugural Earth Rising – 3 day ecoart festival 21-23 October 2022, both visually and symbolically. I was delighted and honoured to mentor Navine in ecoliteracy before this ambitious commission.

‘Kind Words Can Never Die’: Navine G. Dossos at IMMA, mentored by Cathy Fitzgerald, Haumea Ecoversity

I was delighted recently to be contacted by visual artist Navine Dossos who works between the UK and Athens and who lives in Greece. Navine had heard of my Haumea Ecoversity ecoliteracy training for professional creatives in Glenn Albrecht’s book Earth Emotions: New Words for a New World (2019), and wondered if I could offer her some online mentoring sessions.

Navine contacted me as she has undertaken an exciting and important commission for the Irish Museum of Modern Art which has an important ecological perspective.