Speaking of Which II – The Ecological Edition: Ireland-based eco artist interviews for youth and their teachers

I was delighted to be part of the Speaking of Which, Series II – The Ecological Edition, a project produced in collaboration between Dublin’s LAB Gallery and The Dock Arts Centre in Leitrim and curated by Shannon Carroll. This is the second series in a set of interviews where artists explain what inspires them and how they make their art. ‘Eco artist and educator Dr Cathy Fitzgerald was interviewed about her ongoing Hollywood Forest Story creative practice and teaching at Haumea Ecoversity.’

Kilkenny Arts Office offers bursaries to attend New Year Haumea Ecoversity Courses

Kilkenny Arts Office is delighted to announce that they are offering Kilkenny based artists and cultural professionals a Bursary Award to study with the Haumea Ecoversity in January 2023.

New Year 2023: EARTH CHARTER vision and values for a better world course

New Year 2023: EARTH CHARTER vision and values for a better world course. 7-Week Self-Paced Online Course from Haumea Ecoversity. Early bird booking discount until 31 December 2022.

New Year 2023: Haumea Ecoversity Essential Ecoliteracy course dates

Gain Essential Ecoliteracy in just 7 weeks: Early Bird Booking discount until 31 Dec. 2022. The popular Haumea Ecoversity Essential Ecoliteracy course is for mid-career/post-graduate creative practitioners, educators, curators, arts administrators and cultural policy writers.

Visualising our beautiful Earth emotions invites us to care and act for a better world – reflecting on Navine G. Dossos’ murals at IMMA

Launched over a month ago, in this post I reflect on the social power of visualising our ecological emotions through artist Navine G. Knossos’ Kind Words Can Never Die wall murals, now on display for all visitors to the courtyard of the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) for several years. This vibrant, vitalising colourfield behind the colonnade of IMMA’s courtyard also encircled and energised many of the events for IMMA’s inaugural Earth Rising – 3 day ecoart festival 21-23 October 2022, both visually and symbolically. I was delighted and honoured to mentor Navine in ecoliteracy before this ambitious commission.

Autumn Haumea Ecoversity: Essential Ecoliteracy Course now open for bookings

Read more and join the popular Haumea Ecoversity Ecoliteracy online course for mid-career creative and cultural professionals, starting 4 Oct, 2022, for ALL ART FORMS

Introduction to Ecoliteracy for creative & cultural professionals: hosted by Mayo County Council Arts Services

If you are a creative or cultural professional based in County Mayo, Ireland join us for a lunchtime talk on why ecoliteracy is essential for creative practice and the Irish creative sector, with Cathy Fitzgerald and special guests, Jazz composer/musician Carole Nelson and poet, writer filmmaker Grace Wells.

Fri, 26 August 2022

12:30 – 14:00 IST online


Haumea Ecoversity proposes UNESCO-endorsed Earth Charter values and vision framework for Irish Arts Council Climate Action Policy

I was excited this week to present at the Irish Art Council and Julies’ Bicycle EU Climate Action Policy Roundtable discussions by and for the Irish creative sector. In wide-ranging discussions about ‘Arts Council funding as a driver for climate action, capacity-building and support for the creative sector, for unlocking leadership and innovation’ and general conversations about what might policy for the sector might include – I was proud to share findings from Haumea Ecoversity Earth Charter learners work.

No Man’s Land: Art & The Rights of Nature – Burren College Exhibition & Symposia

Update 24 July 2022: recording of online symposia now posted.

As someone fortunate to spend the first half of my life in Aotearoa New Zealand, I’m especially delighted to have been invited to be part of an important panel for the Summer 2022 exhibition ‘No Man’s Land’ at the Irish Burren College of Art. Like me, exhibiting US-based artist and educator Hugh Pocock and special guest Aotearoa New Zealand elder Keith Wood explore creativity and The Rights of Nature, and have deep connections with Aotearoa New Zealand too.

The Design Trust Dialogues: Ecoliteracy with Educator Dr Cathy Fitzgerald

I’m honoured this week to be interviewed by The Design Trust (UK) about how my long term ecosocial art practice evolved into a fulfilling, rewarding and sustaining livelihood. This is such a great … Continue reading The Design Trust Dialogues: Ecoliteracy with Educator Dr Cathy Fitzgerald

Communicate Vision and Values for a Better World with the Earth Charter course: New Year 2022

There are 4 pillars in the Earth Charter that can help all people envision and communicate with ease the vision and interconnected ecosocial values we’ll need to advance a more just and thriving world: (I) Care and Respect for the Community of Life, (II) Ecological Integrity, (III) Social Justice and the last one is on (IV) Peace, Non-Violence and Democracy.

NEW Online Haumea Ecoversity course:  Embracing EcoSocial Values for Systems Change with the Earth Charter

An article on the newest Haumea Ecoversity 6-week online course on the Earth Charter by Cathy Fitzgerald, first written for the ClimateCultures network. My thanks to Mark Goldthorpe for the … Continue reading NEW Online Haumea Ecoversity course:  Embracing EcoSocial Values for Systems Change with the Earth Charter