Haumea Ecoversity course participants recent work

IMMA Earth Rising 2023: ‘A Quickening Holism: Creativity as an Act of Love’

IMMA Earth Rising 2023, 21 Sept: ‘A Quickening Holism: Creativity as an Act of Love’. with Dr. Cathy Fitzgerald, Grace Wells, Prof. Michael Cronin and Phoebe Cope

Save the date- 11.30 – 2 pm: Thurs 21 Sept 2023, Screening Room/Lecture Room,
IMMA Irish Museum of Modern Art, Kilmainham, Dublin 8

Shannon Carroll curates Returning to the Earth / Ag Filleadh ar an Talamh for the 2023 Kilkenny Arts Festival

Congratulations to past Haumea Ecoversity Ecoliteracy course participant curator Shannon Carroll for planning an important afternoon seminar Returning to the Earth / Ag Filleadh ar an Talamh at the 2023 Kilkenny Festival on why the Irish language is vital to help us live well with our ecologies.

Shannon is working for the ‘Kilkenny Arts Office and The Emerging Curator Development Programme as a part of the Kilkenny Arts Festival.

Using the UNESCO-endorsed Earth Charter with Irish transition-year (TY) students to spark awareness of holistic principles for sustainability

Recently, I offered external ecoliteracy expertise to review a new Irish Transition-year (TY) school-age group / place-based STEAM draft micro-module for 21st-century leadership, that features the Peoples’ and UNESCO-endorsed Earth Charter (2000) to teach teenagers about how principles guide our thinking and actions for sustainability.

Stories of People & Trees – ecoliteracy for musicians in Scotland

Super special to be in Glasgow last Friday and meet former Haumea Ecoliteracy course participant cellist Jessica Kerr perform with a quartet to deepen & celebrate our connection to trees … Continue reading Stories of People & Trees – ecoliteracy for musicians in Scotland

‘Ecoliteracy for Creatives’ at Hometree’s 2023 Ardnaculla Summer School, with Grace Wells and Cathy Fitzgerald

Cathy Fitzgerald from Haumea Ecoversity & poet Grace Wells are delighted to share that they will be co-facilitating an art and ecology afternoon for creatives working in all fields, at the 2023 Hometree Ardnaculla Summer School, Co. Clare: ‘The Need for Ecoliteracy in our era of Environmental Challenge’ -2 pm Sunday 9th July, Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon

Voice, Vision and Values for a better world: essential ecoliteracy for Irish poets and writers for 10th Brewery Lane Writers Festival

A million thanks to writer and writer festival workshop organiser Margaret O’Brien, County Tipperary, for bringing eco poet /filmmaker Grace Wells and me together to co-facilitate together for the first time for the 10th Brewery Lane Writers Festival for a 3 days writers workshop.

I’ve long admired Grace’s work and Grace has been a poet-in-residence for past Haumea Ecoversity Ecoliteracy and Earth Charter courses. We enjoyed the Brewery Lane workshop and found our combined efforts were much appreciated, so we are now working together for two more events.

Speaking of Which II – The Ecological Edition: Ireland-based eco artist interviews for youth and their teachers

I was delighted to be part of the Speaking of Which, Series II – The Ecological Edition, a project produced in collaboration between Dublin’s LAB Gallery and The Dock Arts Centre in Leitrim and curated by Shannon Carroll. This is the second series in a set of interviews where artists explain what inspires them and how they make their art. ‘Eco artist and educator Dr Cathy Fitzgerald was interviewed about her ongoing Hollywood Forest Story creative practice and teaching at Haumea Ecoversity.’

Visualising our beautiful Earth emotions invites us to care and act for a better world – reflecting on Navine G. Dossos’ murals at IMMA

Launched over a month ago, in this post I reflect on the social power of visualising our ecological emotions through artist Navine G. Knossos’ Kind Words Can Never Die wall murals, now on display for all visitors to the courtyard of the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) for several years. This vibrant, vitalising colourfield behind the colonnade of IMMA’s courtyard also encircled and energised many of the events for IMMA’s inaugural Earth Rising – 3 day ecoart festival 21-23 October 2022, both visually and symbolically. I was delighted and honoured to mentor Navine in ecoliteracy before this ambitious commission.

‘Kind Words Can Never Die’: Navine G. Dossos at IMMA, mentored by Cathy Fitzgerald, Haumea Ecoversity

I was delighted recently to be contacted by visual artist Navine Dossos who works between the UK and Athens and who lives in Greece. Navine had heard of my Haumea Ecoversity ecoliteracy training for professional creatives in Glenn Albrecht’s book Earth Emotions: New Words for a New World (2019), and wondered if I could offer her some online mentoring sessions.

Navine contacted me as she has undertaken an exciting and important commission for the Irish Museum of Modern Art which has an important ecological perspective.


For the first 2022 edition of the Visual Artists Ireland Newsheet I was delighted to review a significant artist-led ecosocial creative, the 2020-2021 Breaking Cover programme and public performance by the new Breaking Cover Collective which was hosted and supported by the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA).