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Perhaps we can never arrive at rewilded, because pure wilderness is an unhelpful myth. — Read on rewildingnews.com/what-is-rewilding-extended-version Current and historical ideas of ‘wilderness, ‘rewinding’ and ‘wilding’ show divergent conversations … Continue reading ”What is Rewilding? (extended version) – Rewilding News”

A walk on Mt Leinster for Earth Day 2014, organised by Cathy Fitzgerald. Photo: C. Fitzgerald

The arts have a key role for public engagement for sustainability in England – so why not in Ireland too??

Art and sustainability programmes originating in England (Julie’s Bicycle) in the last decade, and also evolving rapidly in Scotland (Creative Carbon Scotland) have proven increased public engagment with eco-social concerns and also provided significant energy costs for their respective art sectors. Ireland has no developed policy in this area (Fitzgerald, 2017) but it is certain that we mustn’t ignore culture as part of national response to the unfolding ecological emergencies.

The Journey with Haumea begins

In 2000, I was invited to count and photograph seabirds who breed on unpeopled atolls in the South Pacific, in the Cook Islands, that are now threatened by rising seas. Reflecting on that journey I’ve since wanted to share how creative practices work have social power to translate environmental knowledge relevant to our communities and diverse places. Sharing Haumea ecoliteracy is my contribution for the cultural shift that welcomes a necessary life-sustaining ecological era. The Journey with Haumea begins.