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Creative Practice-led Ecoart PhD:
The Ecological Turn (2018) and
The Hollywood Forest Story eBook

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Catherine Barron: visual artist, creativity researcher, educator, Co. Waterford, Ireland

I did not know exactly what I was looking for when I signed on to Cathy Fitzgerald’s ecoliteracy for the arts course. I was stalled in my own project, and felt that what I was missing might be found here. You don’t know what you don’t know, and the scope and depth of this course for me had profound effect… Read more “Catherine Barron: visual artist, creativity researcher, educator, Co. Waterford, Ireland”

Dorothee Kolle: visual artist, Sligo, Ireland

Cathy and Nikos’ ecoliteracy course is unique as it combines a broad field of learning about the ecological emergency and the necessary shift towards ecological thinking, as well as covering various areas of ecosocial art practices, and learning compassion towards oneself and others. The weekly Zoom meetings proved to be an invaluable part of it. Cathy is warm, sensitive and… Read more “Dorothee Kolle: visual artist, Sligo, Ireland”

Lisa Fingleton: artist, filmmaker, grower, Co. Kerry, Ireland

I am quite amazed at how much I loved the Haumea course. I didn’t believe that an online course could have such an impact on my life and art. I felt like I landed in ‘my tribe’…ecosocial artists engaging with creativity and climate action with compassion, kindness and commitment. I loved the weekly sessions and looked forward to going through… Read more “Lisa Fingleton: artist, filmmaker, grower, Co. Kerry, Ireland”

Gillian McFarland: visual artist and collaborator, glassblower, Scotland

I found Cathy popping up in my arts practice research over several years and was so pleased to have the opportunity over Lockdown 2020 to undertake her online Haumea ecoliteracy course. Cathy’s knowledge, the Haumea course and the inspiring people it connected me with, sustained my thinking over this period. The structure of the course, the ensuing discussions, the shared… Read more “Gillian McFarland: visual artist and collaborator, glassblower, Scotland”

Tom Duffy: socially-engaged artist, art facilitator, visual and percussive artist, Ireland

“The ‘Creativity as an Act of Love’ course with Nikos shares similar challenges, joy, intimacy and honesty to the Haumea Ecoliteracy course. It also helped me reframe my own philosophy, not only in facing the Ecologic and biodiversity challenges ahead but with deeper explorations into compassion, dangerous philosophies and a range of practical tools. Nikos’ depth of knowledge, patience and humour has… Read more “Tom Duffy: socially-engaged artist, art facilitator, visual and percussive artist, Ireland”

Yvanna Greene: postgrad visual artist | researcher, Dublin

The course opened up my practice to the huge potentials that exist outside the confining definitions of art world art practices. It gave me language and understanding of how to define what work I’d like to do through my practice. It gave me a concise network of information that would have taken me years to amass myself. When I realised… Read more “Yvanna Greene: postgrad visual artist | researcher, Dublin”

Denise Hogan: ecosocial artist, painter, educator, Co. Galway, Ireland

This is a comprehensive learning course in ecoliteracy, well presented and supported and is learner-friendly for all levels. I found the course to be great value for money and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone wishing to learn more about ecoliteracy and the practical applications of the language and ideas covered in the course. The compassionate support of the… Read more “Denise Hogan: ecosocial artist, painter, educator, Co. Galway, Ireland”

Dr Iain Biggs: creative practice educator | artist | researcher – doctoral supervisor Britain, Ireland

It’s great to read about the impact Cathy Fitzgerald’s Haumea is having on people’s lives. Having watched her thinking and approach evolve over many years now, the comments above seem to me an entirely appropriate response to what is a valuable resource for all those concerned with developing a better understanding of the relationship between art and ecology. Knowing how… Read more “Dr Iain Biggs: creative practice educator | artist | researcher – doctoral supervisor Britain, Ireland”

Theresia Guschlbauer: festival curator, ecosocial choreographer, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

Cathy’s 7-week Haumea Online course on ecoliteracy, in conjunction with Dr. Nikos Patedakis’ philosophical contribution, contained invaluable analysis tools and well as precious soul food!

Julie Forrester – visual artist, Cork, Ireland

I urgently recommend the Haumea Essential Ecoliteracy course, seven weeks of delving into current thinking and practices are held together by Cathy’s gentle committed presence with Nikos Patedakis’ philosophical support. What is terrifying about the way the world is now, becomes manageable, as we discover there are ways through, and this course is one of them.

Liz Hingley – socially engaged photographer, anthropologist, curator, Newcastle, UK

This course has brought clarity and motivation to my artistic and anthropological practice.

With scientific rigour, spiritual richness, creative sparkle and sensitivity it offers a deeper appreciation of the world and all we share it with.

Donna Hurt: visual and community engaged artist, photographer, Virginia, US

As an artist with a concern about our communities and environment this course was invaluable in helping me communicate confidently about my work. The course offers a supportive environment to delve deeper into important compassionate ecological practices.

Dagmara Pater:visual artist | post-grad. researcher Norway

I would like to thank you Cathy for the course. I think this kind of education, all you delivered–was so comprehensive and so good–I feel like I have been studying for two years! It is worth spreading and could be a part of a study program at a university 🙂 You inspired me to develop my activity as an ecosocial… Read more “Dagmara Pater:visual artist | post-grad. researcher Norway”

Gillian Cussen: visual artist, Cork, Ireland

I found Cathy’s Haumea Online 6-week Essential Ecoliteracy course and mentoring inspiring on a number of levels. Educationally, I found Cathy to be a teacher who communicates with gentleness and conviction and the topics covered are varied and interesting with access to the work of many outstanding thinkers and artists. I learnt much and became a lot more ecoliterate (… Read more “Gillian Cussen: visual artist, Cork, Ireland”

Dr Paul O’Brien: visual culture philosopher, Dublin, Ireland

I was one of Cathy’s supervisors for her PhD, and indeed I think I was the main impetus in helping her to decide on pursuing what is always a demanding project, not least when it takes the form of both theory and practice, as it did in her case. Cathy is committed to environmental ideals, and combines (unusually) a deep… Read more “Dr Paul O’Brien: visual culture philosopher, Dublin, Ireland”

Carrie Lipps, creative changemaker, Oregon, USA

I highly recommend Cathy’s 6-week Eco-Literacy course to anyone wishing to explore ways of deepening into creative relationship with the whole living Earth community. The modules are thought provoking and inspiring, the other people in the course are all doing interesting work and Cathy creates a vibrant space for the cross-pollination of ideas. Cathy is a fountain of kindness and… Read more “Carrie Lipps, creative changemaker, Oregon, USA”

Krisanne Baker, water-centric ecosocial artist | educator, Maine, USA

Cathy Fitzgerald’s Ecoliteracy course far surpassed my expectations in materials presented and discussions. It is a valuable course at so many levels. I’ve been a practicing ecoartist for 12 years and educator for 25; despite my background, Cathy’s course was rich in knowledge that will continue to aid me in my teaching, personal studio practice, and ever-expanding community based art… Read more “Krisanne Baker, water-centric ecosocial artist | educator, Maine, USA”

Niamh Cunningham: China-based Irish visual artist

I first met artist -researcher Cathy twelve years ago in my home town of Carlow, Ireland. Her course is packed with valuable resources, video links and readings.  Fellow artists, educators and policy makers from all over the globe met on the weekly zoom meeting ,  using the material for that week we explored ecological insights that promote paradigm shifts. On… Read more “Niamh Cunningham: China-based Irish visual artist”

Fearghal Duffy, writer, medieval Irish scholar, Co Monaghan, Ireland review

The Haumea online ecoliteracy course provides participants with an essential toolkit to help them assemble a framework, within which to situate and develop their own eco-creative practices. Students are introduced to a wonderfully diverse range of perspectives, ranging from the philosophical to the psychological, from the sociological to the scientific, and how these distinct fields all intersect, impact and impinge… Read more “Fearghal Duffy, writer, medieval Irish scholar, Co Monaghan, Ireland review”

Siobhán Ní Dhuinnín, dance artist, Cork, Ireland review

I had the pleasure and honour of participating in Cathy’s first 6-week Online Ecoliteracy course. I felt immersed in a process that was deeply informed and considered with a group that had a wealth of different experiences. I felt the learning environment was clearly held by Cathy’s inclusive, knowledgable and articulate approach alongside her collaborators. As a dance artist I… Read more “Siobhán Ní Dhuinnín, dance artist, Cork, Ireland review”

Katinka Ingleberg, photographer, writer, Sweden review

Ok, the preciousness of Cathy lies in her very unique combination of skills; a profound knowledge (scientific, artistic, activist, ecoliterate), an intrinsic sensitivity toward the natural world, and a loving nature, which seems to emanate from all of her doings; whether in one on one conversation, in her own creative practice, or thru the computer screen all thru the online… Read more “Katinka Ingleberg, photographer, writer, Sweden review”

Helen Roberts – Visual Artist, Ireland review

Cathy was extremely helpful and supportive as an interviewee for my undergraduate thesis, which was an exploration of how permaculture design principles might be applied to an art practice. Her explanation of her own work with continuous cover forestry gave me clear, practical examples of the kinds of ideas I was investigating. I also benefited from Cathy’s extensive knowledge and… Read more “Helen Roberts – Visual Artist, Ireland review”

Martina Hynan, PhD researcher, artist, activist, NUI Galway review

It was a great pleasure to attend Cathy’s first ecoliteracy workshop. One of the most important aspects of the workshop for me was how it reflected the breadth and depth of Cathy’s understanding and passion for developing the interrelationship between art, ecology and sustainability. Cathy shared her knowledge of environmental thinkers and philosophers with such warmth, openness and generosity. She… Read more “Martina Hynan, PhD researcher, artist, activist, NUI Galway review”

Dr. Nikos Patedakis, philosopher and mentor, United States review

If life gifts you the opportunity to work with Cathy Fitzgerald, consider yourself lucky. If you are a policy-maker, please listen to her wise counsel. If you are considering signing up for one of her courses, do so posthaste. If you are a patron of the arts, get out your checkbook and put a lot of zeroes after that first… Read more “Dr. Nikos Patedakis, philosopher and mentor, United States review”

Kate Flood, PhD Candidate cultural ecosystems services, NUI Galway

I attended Cathy’s first ecoliteracy workshop, having struck up a friendship after hearing her speak at the Conference of Irish Geographers (2018) on art and sustainability. I was struck then by her ideas, and felt immediately the importance of her work. Here was someone finally articulating and speaking about issues with the urgency which I felt at the time, but… Read more “Kate Flood, PhD Candidate cultural ecosystems services, NUI Galway”

Helen Richmond, Artist, Kerry, Ireland

I completed a Masters in painting in 2017. As a long time professional artist I attended Cathy’s first ecoliteracy workshop in November 2019. I was not sure what to expect but was hoping for high standards I was not disappointed. She had a well thought out plan. What I found most impressive apart from her intellectual modesty and approachability, was… Read more “Helen Richmond, Artist, Kerry, Ireland”