Ecoliteracy Essentials for Creatives: Distance Learning online course (in development 2019)

This course will offer a cohort of creative people to learn together about why and how to develop impactful eco-social art practices, through improved ecoliteracy – ecological understanding. At present, ecological art knowledge is rarely available as a topic or module in third level institutions, so this online course aims to provide a basic introduction to this challenging yet rewarding area of contemporary art practice.

Ecological, participatory and collaborative models of practice that engage with eco-social concerns have been developing over many decades but have been consistently on the margins of contemporary art. As a result giving creative people a foundation in ecoliteracy is not a priority in most art colleges.

An online course idea has developed from the frustrations I encountered in developing my own creative practice, despite my background in science and from the requests from the increasing numbers of creative people coming to my door.

For me, educating creatives in a cost effective, accessible way for the short decade ahead in which scientists are stressing that we need to radically reinvent how we live, underlines that ecoliteracy must become a fundamental priority for creative workers.

Ecoliteracy Essentials for Creating Great Ecological Art

Course Aims:

Don’t let intimidating environmental science prevent you from creating art practices that can inspire change for a better world. Frustrated that colleges are not delivering courses to equip you so that you can respond effectively to the diverse but increasing eco-social emergencies are unfolding rapidly around us, and want to learn more? Based on recent research, review of the art and ecology field over the last twenty years and firsthand experience of developing impactful environmental art practices, this course will offer you a clear pathway through  science, environmental philosophy and theory, and introduce an accessible methodology so you will have a toolkit to create your own great ecological art practice, no matter where you live.

During 2019, I am undertaking a feasibility study of online course development with support from the Carlow Local Enterprise Office. Please email me if you want to be involved in developing the pilot online course: I am interested in hearing from creative workers looking at eco-social concerns from anywhere on Earth.

In Autum, 2019 I will be offering through a Carlow Arts Office award a seminar on essential ecoliteracy in South County Carlow, Ireland.

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I gratefully acknowledge a 2019 Feasibility Study Grant Award from the Carlow Local Enterprise Board.



Screenshot 2018-08-11 09.04.11Cathy Fitzgerald (PhD by Creative Practice) is a successful ecological artist researcher and recovering scientist. This makes her uniquely placed to guide other creative people toward the most urgent topic in contemporary art today – how can we effectively employ creativity to inspire societal change in our audiences for the better world we know is possible.

Learn with Cathy to understand why ecoliteracy can help you navigate confusing environmental science so you too can employ creativity confidently to respond to the eco-social issues that matter to you. By the end of the course you will have deep insight as to what knowledge, skills and aptitude are needed to develop inclusive ecological art practices that can inspire lasting change for you, your place and community.