IMMA Earth Rising 2023: ‘A Quickening Holism: Creativity as an Act of Love’

IMMA Earth Rising 2023, 21 Sept: ‘A Quickening Holism: Creativity as an Act of Love’. with Dr. Cathy Fitzgerald, Grace Wells, Prof. Michael Cronin and Phoebe Cope

Save the date- 11.30 – 2 pm: Thurs 21 Sept 2023, Screening Room/Lecture Room,
IMMA Irish Museum of Modern Art, Kilmainham, Dublin 8

‘Kind Words Can Never Die’: Navine G. Dossos at IMMA, mentored by Cathy Fitzgerald, Haumea Ecoversity

I was delighted recently to be contacted by visual artist Navine Dossos who works between the UK and Athens and who lives in Greece. Navine had heard of my Haumea Ecoversity ecoliteracy training for professional creatives in Glenn Albrecht’s book Earth Emotions: New Words for a New World (2019), and wondered if I could offer her some online mentoring sessions.

Navine contacted me as she has undertaken an exciting and important commission for the Irish Museum of Modern Art which has an important ecological perspective.