Gillian McFarland: visual artist and collaborator, glassblower, Scotland

I found Cathy popping up in my arts practice research over several years and was so pleased to have the opportunity over Lockdown 2020 to undertake her online Haumea ecoliteracy course. Cathy’s knowledge, the Haumea course and the inspiring people it connected me with, sustained my thinking over this period. The structure of the course, the ensuing discussions, the shared concerns and thoughtfulness of approaches has continued to accompany me since. Thinking about eco literacy and current pushes to reconnect to Nature illustrates the ecological crises we face, there is the assumption we are disconnected, standing separate. Whilst the sense of separation may be strong it is illusory. The real reconnection required of us is to the awareness of humanity’s essential connection to all life and our place and function within a healthy ecosystem. I hope that I can continue on this journey of learning and watch with interest and pride the work that Cathy and others are undertaking to awake us all from our deep sleep of ignorance.

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