Laura O’Neill: Singer-SongWriter, Co. Kilkenny

“I was drawn to this course without really knowing much of what it would cover, and all I can say is that I am so grateful I jumped in. It marks a pivotal point in my understanding of my work and empowered me to value my role as a musician and writer in the world today. If you’re an artist (and everyone’s an artist of some kind) who feels powerless in the face of the ecological crisis — this course is for you.

The course content is rich, factual, philosophical, soulful, and beautiful — where Earth crisis can cause one to want to look away, this course instead invites you in, offers a sense of opening, and hope, and doesn’t shy away from calling artists into their place as the leaders of change.

Both Cathy and Nikos bring a wealth of wisdom and experience, and their particular viewpoints and backgrounds complement each other so well.

The course is self-paced, which I appreciate now that I can look back on everything (there is so much great linked material), but I actually enjoyed moving through each module week-by-week at the pace of the course: it was a healthy challenge for me.

As a result of what I learned and the people I met, I felt empowered to consider myself an eco-artist. I also felt that I was able to start visioning future projects in a new and more Earth-centric light.

I believe that there’s something in this for anyone who has an art practice of any kind. The very act of placing your art within the collective is not only a gift to yourself — it’s a gift to the world.

Do it!”