Mary Hoy, visual artist, gardener, Dublin

The Haumea Online Ecoliteracy course – I am new to studying ecology.  This course has given me a holistic insight into ecology and ecoliteracy.  My aim is to have confidence discussing ecology without myself or others feeling burdened or overwhelmed.  I hope to give nature/ecology walks in my local area from combining what I have learned so far.  I learnt about the UN Sustainability Development GOals –SDGs –on this course and now realise their interconnectedness and importance.  I now believe, educating girls and promoting gender equality are key for the world to deliver on all the SDGs.  Educating girls leads to poverty alleviation (SDG1) and zero hunger (SDG2). I would like to combine SDGs and the Earth Charter principles with other creatives in future work also.
The Earth Charter – I had not heard of the Earth Charter before.  World religions and sustainability form the bones of the Earth Charter.  Together with SDGs a more holistic worldview is created which gives me more confidence that their principles are sustainable and a higher chance they will be achieved, which will benefit all humanity and wildlife.
I found both these courses incredibly informative and inspiring, and have recommended them to several ecology friends.