Niamh Cunningham: China-based Irish visual artist

I first met artist -researcher Cathy twelve years ago in my home town of Carlow, Ireland. Her course is packed with valuable resources, video links and readings.  Fellow artists, educators and policy makers from all over the globe met on the weekly zoom meeting ,  using the material for that week we explored ecological insights that promote paradigm shifts.

On our final week participants presented our own socio eco practices to the group, learning a little bit more of the people who had been raising questions during the previous weekly sessions. After two weeks I am still reviewing many of the readings and links on the course referencing the renowned and also the less known movers and shakers in the world of ecological thinking and eco-social art practices […]

I would highly recommend this online course for artists and creatives and policymakers who wish to inform their practices / educational programs and policies.  [from a review of Cathy’s Haumea Ecoliteracy course, Summer 2019]