Katinka Ingleberg, photographer, writer, Sweden review

Ok, the preciousness of Cathy lies in her very unique combination of skills; a profound knowledge (scientific, artistic, activist, ecoliterate), an intrinsic sensitivity toward the natural world, and a loving nature, which seems to emanate from all of her doings; whether in one on one conversation, in her own creative practice, or thru the computer screen all thru the online course.

In these crucial times in history, this innovative and artistic community is of profound importance. I experience the course to provide both scientific knowledge on the current shape and state of things, and creative inspiration, on how artistry can be used as a strong environmental voice. The course presents a very holistic approach to the processing and set of actions one can take, to help reshape the correlation between us and the natural world.

So if you ever get the opportunity to participate in one of her courses, workshops or any kind of collaboration, simply soak up her passion and competence, and know, that you will be enriched!