Silvia Laguna-López, doctoral researcher in Equity and Innovation in Education at University of Oviedo, Spain

Cathy is a wonderful and kind educator, who is always open to sharing all her knowledge and experience with the community she’s teaching in Ireland and abroad. I was lucky to attend her ‘Earth Charter: Vision and Values’ course in 2022 through the Arts Council ‘Invitation to Collaborate’ 3 Local Authority Arts Office Gnáthoga Nádúrtha 3-wetland habitats programme (for Carlow, Kildare and Meath), where I had the chance to comprehend the social power this peoples’ document has in encouraging people to make a positive and gentle impact in the world, as well as connect with plenty of like-minded and brilliant people from different backgrounds. Thanks to HAUMEA Ecoversity I could see how Cathy, her collaborating philosopher  Dr Nikos Patedakis and her peers involved in this project and from the Irish creative sector are becoming more aware and connected with people, and especially with the community of life.”

– Doctoral Thesis researcher on ‘Ecosocial education for Visual Art Teachers in Secondary Education’