Carmel Ennis: Masters Social Policy, currently a postgraduate student in EcoArts at Crawford Art College, Dublin

I am an earth artist in my role as gardener, a performer who moves with the land story, an artist who walks and wanders and a passionate believer in the weft of words.
I believe that growing anything is an art, each seedling we tend to, each space we make on the forest floor to allow more light in for a sapling, each time we weave a new path through a meadow as a walker and wanderer, each time we bring a new layer to a story that has been retold many times before .

It’s amazing but it seems like years since I first contacted you and this year I finally got to hear you speak, first through IMMA’s Breaking Cover programme and more recently through the new MTU Level 9 EcoArt course in Cork.

Thanks for those inspiring presentations. I was really encouraged by your claiming of your own practice and by your advocacy of writing/blogging as a way to sense-make and have a conversation with yourself and later with others [about new ecological, permanent forestry].
I went back over an old intermittent blog and discovered that my first blog post in 2013 was a reference to solastalgia. It captured me then personally and has taken time to percolate on a more systemic level.
Great that you are doing what you are doing.
Hope to cross paths in the woods or elsewhere sometime.