Dr Rhys Jones, PhD (Paris XI, Otago) Senior Lecturer, Centre for Applied Science and Primary Industries WINTEC (Te Pukenga), Hamilton Aotearoa New Zealand

As a teacher in the New Zealand vocational science education sector I have for some time been wanting to find a way of encouraging learners to explore the wider environmental impacts of their chosen fields. I first heard of the Earth Charter through a conversation with Cathy and thought it might be provide a useful lens through which students could view and analyse the activities of the various industries they were hoping to work for in their careers.


I’m very pleased to have then taken the Haumea Earth Charter course. The content of the course comprehensively covered the EC pillars in a way that was both engaging and sympathetic to the audience. I particularly enjoyed being part of the eclectic group taking the course, as it allowed a wide range of opinions to be aired using everyday language. This experience will greatly assist me in communicating wider concepts to my own groups of learners, who also come from diverse ethnicities and social backgrounds.