Tom Duffy: socially-engaged artist, art facilitator, visual and percussive artist, Ireland

It is testament in itself that I take every opportunity to work with Cathy, Nikos and Haumea. Whilst I am not a ‘perpetual course attendee’, I have found a deep need to be present with what Haumea offer for learning.

Having just completed the ‘Earth Charter Values’ course the richness and kind learning has served to offer me new forms of practice, new ways of considering and new connections to others with similar concerns.

The course has had a marked, immediate impact on what and how I engage with others through my practice. Learning the guiding principles of The Earth Charter, acquiring the language to share them through discussion, dialogue, examples and research has had a profound change on how I view my practice and place within this living world. The philosophies of care and compassion that underpin the Earth Charter are beacons of hope and positivity in very challenging times.

Cathy, Nikos and Martin have an ability to build positive, deeply rich courses that speak to the best within us. They recognise the capacity and creativity within participants as well as their voice as essential to shared learning and the creation of a peer learning environment.
The (Peoples) Earth Charter is a rich and enlightening document drawn together by wise peoples from many traditions. It offers a pathway for co-existing in the living world. The Haumea Course navigates the course whilst embodying its principles.
I am immensely grateful for having attended this course, learning a little of what was offered and sharing that journey with other travellers. Thank you.