The Green Pencil – Eco-Writing expertise for: ecological art exhibitions | effective community eco-social art programmes | art & sustainability research policy and strategy

Cathy is available to research and write articles for exhibitions and art projects that are responding to eco-social themes or issues. She also offers design advice for Situated Community Eco-Social Art programmes and projects. Cathy also has doctoral-level research knowledge suitable to develop Art & Sustainability policy and strategy.

Design Expertise for situated Eco-Social Art Programmes:

Cathy advised and supported local Carlow-based artists on the successful eco-social framework for the Creative Ireland Carlow Drummin bog school art programme (2019), see here

† The innovative artistic framework for art projects evolving from the Drummin Bog Project uses the research of South Carlow eco-social artist, Dr. Cathy Fitzgerald. Her term ‘Eco-social Art Practice’ was presented in her PhD by creative practice The Ecological Turn:Living Well with forests to explain eco-social art practices (Fitzgerald, 2018), see

Art & Sustainability Policy Research Expertise:

Cathy was awarded a Carlow Arts Office Award in 2016 to develop a research study on the absence of art and sustainability policy in Carlow, and which soon became a review of the lack of policy, strategy and educational and financial supports for the Irish arts sector as a whole.

Her report and online summary can be seen here.

Cathy was asked to present this research by Professors Karen Till, Gerry Kearns, Cultural Geography Dept, Maynooth University, for the 50th Conference of Irish Geographers in May 2018 and lead a workshop on the topic ‘Raising the Shining, Reflective Shield’: the urgent need for cultural policy to engage Irish civil society toward eco-social well-being (Fitzgerald, 2018) .

In June 2019, Dr. Nessa Cronin, Irish Studies asked Cathy to present a talk about her own eco-social art practice gave her growing awareness that Ireland’s art sectors requires art and sustainability policy and supports (see audiovisual slideshow here). She led a conversation with local Galway art practitioners and academics ahead of the 7th EUGeo Conference, with support from her PhD supervisor Dr. Iain Biggs, Bath University UK, Research Centre for Environmental Humanities Fellow and Professors Karen Till and Gerry Kearns.

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 17.16.14Cathy also led the  the art & geography panel of Art in the Capitolocene session at the EUGeo 2019 conference in Galway, with her talk Goodbye Anthropocene: Hello Symbiocene, has since been viewed over 800 times since its posting online June 16, 2019.  The newly developed concept of the Symbiocene (Albrecht 2016, 2019) is a useful contextual framework for positive future-oriented eco-social art practices. She gave this talk again at the Trinity College International Art in the Anthropocene conference 7-9 June, 2019 and has been invited to submitt the paper to the US Minding Nature journal for its fall online edition.

Cathy enjoys writing and policy research to assist creative workers on how to best engage with eco-social concerns. She has first-hand experience on the difficulties to maintain an eco-social art practice (see her ongoing Hollywood Forest Story work here).