The Arts have immense social power to engage diverse audiences. Creativity can help society reflect, reach for and foster new values for living well with each other and all beings.

Bringing ecoliteracy – ecological insights
into the arts:

  • expands social and community art practices to encompass Earthly wellbeing, so life for all in the future thrives.

  • means taking a hard look at how we live now and explores alternative avenues for just and thriving futures.

  • arms us with tools and knowledge from science, environmental philosophy, art and sustainability research and pioneering ecological art practices, so we can participate assuredly in responding to the gravest, yet most creative adventure of our time.

The vision for Haumea Ecoliteracy for the Arts is to provide a clear pathway for those working in the arts, through unprecedented and interconnected eco-social concerns.

The expertise to deliver this vision rests on Cathy Fitzgerald (PhD) and her work in research science, her extensive voluntary work for environmental organisations, her previous role to connect creative practioners and  deliver professional development supports for the arts in the South East of Ireland, and not least, her ongoing eco-social art practice and doctoral research on the art and ecology, and art and sustainability fields.

To achieve this vision, Cathy Fitzgerald
of Haumea Ecoliteracy Services

will provide ecoliteracy understanding to:

  • creative workers, third-level art students, art educators and art curators

  • Irish arts organisations, art institutions