Interview, talks, podcasts

In my playlist below you will find interviews, and talks that I have been invited to give.

I also include recordings of key thinkers like Suzi Gablik, Glenn Albrecht and others who I believe are offering important concepts for creatives who are engaging with the eco-emergency (I will include others in the coming months).

As much as anything, the eco-catastrophe is a crisis of modern culture and our ways of grossly misperceiving our place within the fabric of the living Earth. By culture*, I mean, our wider spiritual beliefs, as well as art and heritage traditions that have too often been preoccupied with human concerns and material growth, above the primary welfare of Earth and all its inhabitants. A creative practice for an ecological paradigm will consider an expanded Earth-ethic as primary mode. I share more about this in my courses.

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 12.50.22 In the first recording below, I was very fortunate to be interviewed for RTE Lyric FM by journalist and writer Rachel Andrews, for the Luke Clancy Culture Files show. I was interviewed during my first Ecoliteracy Workshop for Creative workers and Art educators on the 2 November 2019, that I held near my home in South County Carlow, in Ireland.

* This is the agreed UN definition of culture