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Sharing at the Royal College of Art UK why ecoliteracy is crucial for creative practice, design and the cultural sector

A few weeks ago I was thrilled to be asked to give a keynote lecture for the Doctoral Training Intensive Programme at the Royal College of Art, London. It was…

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Above image: courtesy Molly Keane, IMMA for Jan/Feb 2022 VIsual Artists Ireland Newsheet For the first 2022 edition of the Visual Artists Ireland Newsheet I was delighted to review a…

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New Book reflects why the Earth Charter has a central role for sustainability education

A landmark collection of key essays-offering reflections from the world’s leading educators most experienced with the Earth Charters key role for sustainability learning and values education. https://lnkd.in/eRbTNbKz As the Earth Charter…

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Communicate Vision and Values for a Better World with the Earth Charter course: New Year 2022

There are 4 pillars in the Earth Charter that can help all people envision and communicate with ease the vision and interconnected ecosocial values we’ll need to advance a more just and thriving world: (I) Care and Respect for the Community of Life, (II) Ecological Integrity, (III) Social Justice and the last one is on (IV) Peace, Non-Violence and Democracy.

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Irish “Climate Change and the Arts: A Post-Cop26 Roundtable Discussion”

Webinar notice from the fabulous Nessa Cronin at NUI Galway. Please circulate widely! Unfortunately I will giving a UK guest lecture at this time but I encourage all working in…

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Gathering on Mt Leinster shines lights for Global Day of Action for System Change, not Climate Change

Organised by ecoartist-educator Cathy Fitzgerald and sculptor husband Martin Lyttle, the group came together to shine their lights out in solidarity with youth, Indigenous front-line and other social justice activists…

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NEW Online Haumea Ecoversity course:  Embracing EcoSocial Values for Systems Change with the Earth Charter

An article on the newest Haumea Ecoversity 6-week online course on the Earth Charter by Cathy Fitzgerald, first written for the ClimateCultures network. My thanks to Mark Goldthorpe for the…

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Performers Break Cover for the Ecological Emergency at the Irish Museum of Modern Art

Performance is profound. Taking part as a performer or audience–we share a collective emergent experience that may affect our perspective long afterwards. Last Saturday, in the grounds of the Irish…

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Haumeans Breaking Cover with ecoart performances at IMMA

Breaking Cover at IMMA – Past Haumea learners direct and form part of inaugural ecoart performance programme and event at the Irish Museum of Modern Art – IMMA. As I…

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Haumea Ecoversity history: Changing how Art is taught since 2016

The renowned meditator and artist Chogyam Trumpa once said: “To change the world, you have to change the culture; to change the culture you have to change society; to change…

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Becoming a member of PLaCE International

I am delighted and honoured to have recently been nominated by Dr Iain Biggs (Bristol) and Prof. Mary Modeen (Dundee) to join the PLaCE International members network. My work is…

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Bealtaine and Banais Righi -the High King Speaks by Grace Wells

‘The Future Has An Ancient Heart’ – Carlo Levi The start of Summer starts today on Bealtaine, May 1st in Ireland, and Scotland. Steeped in ancient pagan lore of myth…

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Welcome to the Haumea EcoCulture podcast

Cathy Fitzgerald with philosopher colleague, Nikos Patedakis, cohost conversations with leading cultural workers about creativity for the ecoemergency. Now creativity is rising on a tide of awareness of ecological interdependence, where people are beginning to embrace integrated ecosocial values. Our understanding of wellbeing is therefore necessarily expanding to consider care, not only for ourselves and others, but for the wider community of life, now and for future generations. 

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Haumea ecoliteracy with Green Foundation Ireland

Recently, I was honoured to write an article on why ecoliteracy matters for the creative sector for Green Foundation Ireland. This was a good opportunity to explain ecoliteracy as it…

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Haumea Ecoliteracy Online March course date announced with Awaken Hub

Haumea makes ecoliteracy accessible and transformative Announcing the next 7 week Haumea Online Ecoliteracy course–starting 10 March 2021- BOOK NOW! I’m also thrilled to have my Haumea Ecoliteracy Online endeavour…

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Climate Cultures Showcase: The Haumea Online Ecoliteracy Course for the Creative Sector

I was delighted to be invited by Mark Goldthorpe of Climate Cultures to share news of the development of the world-first Haumea Online 7-week Ecoliteracy course for Creatives and Art Professionals over the last few years– and how I fared launching it during 2020

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